Welcome to The Expat Academy Vault – The UK’s only central Global Mobility database for in-house professionals, providing a comprehensive suite of tools, templates and resources. Whether you are starting out in Global Mobility or you are a seasoned GM professional you will certainly save time and cost by utilising the resources available.

Getting started

The Vault is an amazing collaboration of the Expat Academy Community’s finest work. We are constantly refreshing and adding to our templates and documents based on contributions from our members and partners.

What is the Vault?

The Vault is Expat Academy’s exclusive content hub, filled with useful technical updates, tools, templates, and documents to help Global Mobility Professionals.

Since launching the Vault, we have actively encouraged our members to provide contributions to the content. We have a team of experts who adapt the best practice examples we receive to create anonymous generic template documents for the whole Expat Academy community to make use of.  Everyone is far too busy to have to reinvent the wheel and with the Vault you don’t have to!

The documents you’ll find in the Vault are all in standard MS Office format so you can easily swipe and deploy those that you require and then tailor them to your own needs.

What type of templates are included?

Our most popular Vault items to date have been our policy templates. We’ve also created a brilliant resource of paragraph variations so you can cut and paste what you need into your policies to tailor them to your exact business requirements.

Our checklist section is also greatly used with our expatriation and repatriation checklists being downloaded and put to use often.

What else will I find?

RFP templates, assignment letter templates, technical tax and immigration information, information on international pensions, glossaries, presentations, cross cultural webinars, articles on topical industry information, and the latest global mobility trends.

To learn more about the Vault or book an on-line tour with one of the Expat Academy team, contact us today:

Benchmarking - Surveys and roundtable e-mail results

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It is human nature to be a bit nosey and want to know what everyone is up to, and the Global Mobility world is no different!  So get in the loop via our benchmarking surveys where you can compare your processes and packages to the industry standard and see how your company measures up.

Consolidated book of roundtable e-mails and surveys

Expat Academy regularly facilitate specific benchmarking surveys on behalf of its Club 100 and Symposium Network members. Participation in these surveys is limited to those members who agree to the Expat Academy anti-trust agreement.

This consolidated book is regularly updated with all the roundtable e-mails and survey questions and responses!

What are the Biggest Challenges Facing Global Relocation Managers?

Cartus’ Trends in Global Relocation: 2018 Biggest Challenges survey includes feedback from 205 global mobility managers on the challenges they are facing in their relocation programmes, what they are doing to manage them, and hot topics and trends in the relocation industry.

2016 Policy Survey

A comprehensive policy survey covering everything from policy specific allowances, split payroll, FX protection and more!

2015 Commuter Policy Survey

Creating or reviewing your commuter policy? Check out our Expat Academy member Commuter Policy Survey to see what other companies offer their commuter assignees.

2015 International Benefits Survey

If you are reviewing your International Benefits offering why not check out this survey to find out what other companies do in this space?

Online Training

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We have converted our Global Mobility Essentials and Global Mobility Policies courses into online Chapters for you to take at your convenience. 

If you have up to 24 months Global Mobility experience, these Chapters will be just right for you.  

Please contact us at or  if you would like to access our online training Chapters.



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Take a look at the latest presentations from our events!

March 2018 - Bite Size Briefing - BDO

Tax and Social Security – Future Challenges

March 2018 - Bite Size Briefing - Learnlight

Boost your networking skills

March 2018 - Bite Size Briefing - Magrath Sheldrick LLP

Global Immigration Update - News From Around The World

March 2018 - Bite Size Briefing - Move Guides

Employee Expectations from Technology in 2018

March 2018 - Bite Size Briefing - Plus Relocation

5 top tips to improve the relocation experience of new talent into your organisation

March 2018 - Bite Size Briefing - Squire Patton Boggs

Employment Law Challenges from Current Global Hot Spots

Feb 18 Amsterdam Huddle - BDO

Dutch tax and social security - Update for internationally mobile employees including 30%-ruling

Feb 18 Amsterdam Huddle - Equus

Delivering Enhances Value - Digitalization & the New Mobility Ecosystem

Feb 18 Amsterdam Huddle - Graebel

Know Your Audience!
A Journey to Functional Alignment

Feb 18 Amsterdam Huddle - Crown Worldwide

2022 - What’s Global Mobility going to look like?

Feb 18 Amsterdam Huddle - Ferguson Snell & Associates

Brexit: An Update

Feb 18 Birmingham Huddle - Magrath Sheldrick LLP

How to get ahead of Brexit

Feb 18 Birmingham Huddle - Graebel

Flexibility with inefficiency

Feb 18 Birmingham Huddle - Equus

Digitally connecting the Global Mobility value chain

Feb 18 Birmingham Huddle - BDO

Tax and Social Security - Future Challenges

Feb 18 Birmingham Huddle - Crown Worldwide

2022 - What's Global Mobility going to look like?

Dec 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Squire Patton Boggs

Understanding the legal aspects of managing the mental health of employees on assignment

Dec 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Learnlight

It is very hard for those of us who do not have personal experience of mental health issues to start the conversation with someone we suspect might be suffering. This presentation will address the key questions:
• How do I start the conversation?
• What should I avoid saying?
• How do I provide empathy to someone in crisis?

Dec 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Punter Southall Health & Protection

Effective ways to support the mental wellbeing of Expats

Dec 2017 Bite Size Briefing - MOVE Guides

GDPR…….. just tell me what I really need to know!

This presentation looks at the changes that GDPR might bring to your mobility programs.

Dec 2017 Bite Size Briefing - BDO

UK Tax Update
How the latest Budget announcements on 22nd November 2017 will affect organisations with globally mobile employees and an overview of other topical issues arising in expatriate taxation.

Dec 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Bournes

Struggling with navigating the relocation minefield when it comes to a new location? ? This presentation will walk you through some highlights of the key variations where a little bit of technical know-how will help you go a long way towards protecting your assignees experience, maintaining compliance and meeting your global mobility goals.

Dec 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Magrath Sheldrick LLP

With Brexit negotiations underway and a leak in the media over the summer regarding a sharp end to free movement post Brexit, what contingency plans should Global Mobility professionals be working on? This presentation will cover the latest on UK immigration and also provide an update on the hot issues from around the Globe.

May 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Squire Patton Boggs

Employment Law - when home or host employment law should be applied to your assignee.

May 2017 Bite Size Briefing - BridgeStreet

Trends in corporate travel including tracking solutions that can be implemented to ensure compliance, due diligence and the ability to use flexible policies.

May 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Plus Relocation and Cort

The stress of relocation - This presentation examines the science behind the stress of relocation, looks at how the brain responds to social stress and considers the steps that Global Mobility Professionals can take to transform their mobility programs.

May 2017 Bite Size Briefing - MoveAssist

MoveAssist explore technology used in other industries such as chatbots, artificial intelligence and automation and how they can be incorporated into the Global Mobility function.

May 2017 Bite Size Briefing - BDO

UK Expat Tax Update - covering new issues that have arisen from the 2017 Budget, Brexit considerations and tax related issues encountered by businesses with internationally mobile employees, including the approaching Short Term Business Visitor reporting deadline.

May 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Frontierpay

Payroll and Expense Management -using actual case studies, Frontierpay examine the role of payments and foreign exchange in successful payroll and expense management solutions.

May 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Magrath

An essential update on the latest immigration news from a UK and Global perspective.

May 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Communicaid

Female Expats Abroad: Communicaid explore this hot topic and argue the case for appointing more women to international roles.

March 2017 Bite Size Briefing - AIRINC Presentation

Complex COLA

March 2017 Bite Size Briefing - BDO Presentation

Tax update

March 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Communicaid Presentation

Consumerisation of Learning

March 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Magrath Presentation

Immigration update

March 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Polaris & Statoil Presentation

Polaris & Statoil - Technology Efficiencies

March 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Squire Patton Boggs Presentation

Expat family friendly Asia Pac

March 2017 Bite Size Briefing - Sterling Presentation

Managing expats in a volatile world

Updates - Diversity

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The #metoo campaign has forced the media to re-evaluate how workplace diversity is portrayed.

Our Training Partner, Learnlight have produced a new eBook Global Mobility in the Age of Diversity

Updates - Immigration

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Magrath Immigration Insight - April 2015

Magrath Insight March 2016

Updates - International Medical Insurance

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Expats - What do you really need to know

Adjusting to life in a new country is something that will affect all expats, no matter where they’re headed. It’s important to acknowledge the challenges they may face, and try to understand how, as an employer, you can make your employees’ transition into their new life as smooth as possible.

Getting to grips with the Gulf

If you have employees based in the Gulf region, you need to be aware of recent changes in local legislation. There are mandatory requirements for the levels of cover being provided by private medical insurance policies – and these will affect every company with employees living and working in the area by the end of 2016. It’s important to understand the implications now.

Giving your employees security, wherever they are

It’s never been more important for companies to help employees feel safe and secure. Advances in technology mean many communication devices are convenient and very easy to use.

Local Support is the Key - Aviva

Adequate healthcare provision is a priority for staff working abroad. The levels of support available to an employee (and their family), whilst on assignment, can have a significant impact on whether the relocation fails or succeeds.

Overseas healthcare, a healthier business - Aviva

The rising cost of international healthcare is a threat to sustainable benefits unless we act soon.

Private healthcare for expats: is it really a high priority?

Punter Southall - International Assignments

Sending employees overseas - top tips to make the most of your international assignments.
Teresa Wighton, Head of International Healthcare Consulting, Punter Southall Health & Protection

The 'A' to 'Y' of PMI

Updates - Tax

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BEPS and Global Mobility

OECD releases final recommendations on BEPS proposals: What does it mean for global mobility?

Brexit Planning Guide

This guide from BDO analyses what tax and legal changes could arise from Brexit and how these may drive the need for businesses to reconsider their European group structures and global supply chains.

Employer Essentials Newsletter

Read BDO's latest Employer Essentials newsletter

Global Expatriate Newsletter

Read BDO's latest Global Expatriate newsletter

Worldwide corporate and individual tax Summaries

PwC's country guides contain information on the taxation of globally mobile employees in many countries. Providing a general background with respect to the income, social security and other tax implications of cross-border transfers, these country guides are a "must read" for any individual contemplating or embarking on an assignment. In addition to the "must know" tax information, their folios explore other issues of great relevance to globally mobile employees, including matters of employment and immigration law, tax and other planning opportunities, and key legislative information international assignees need information to make crucial decisions regarding their assignments.

Their country guides help assignees avoid tax problems both before they arrive in their assigned country and after they return home. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view all the guides available.

Making payroll pay

The world is changing. Major economic, cultural, social and scientific changes are
having a significant impact in the world. These changes are known as megatrends. PwC’s Network Leadership identified five megatrends that will impact the future of both PwC and its clients over the next decade and reshape the global marketplace. We believe these megatrends will impact the payroll function and process.

Non Resident Capital Gains Tax

The UK Government has introduced new tax rules extending UK capital gains tax to cover non-UK residents selling UK residential property. These rules came into force for sales taking place on or after 6 April 2015.

PwC International Assignments Guide - Outbound 2016

The essential UK tax guide for individuals on international assignment abroad
January 2016

PwC - Top 10 mobility issues for tax directors

Critical issues facing the globally mobile workforce

Short Term Business Visitors

Are you correctly reporting your short term business travellers and managing your PAYE risks?

Tax changes for non-UK Domiciliaries - Dec 2016

BDO have put together this outline of the draft Finance Bill 2017 containing the changes to the taxation of non-UK domiciled individuals effective from 6 April 2017.

Templates - Assignment letters

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Assignment/Secondment Letter Headings

All the required headings, as well as a description of the content needed, to write an assignment letter for an employee seconded overseas while still being employed by their original company.

Short Term Assignment Letter Template

Use this template to clearly state the terms and conditions of a short term assignment offer to an employee.

Long Term Assignment Letter Template

Use this template to clearly state the terms and conditions of a long term assignment offer to an employee.

Commuter Assignment Letter Template

For employees commuting to an overseas office for a predetermined period of time . Use in conjunction with our commuter policy template and guidance notes.

Business Traveller to US - Immigration letter

An example Business Traveller Immigration letter for an employee to use when travelling to the US on business under the ESTA waiver program.

Tenancy Indemnity Letter Template

An example of an Indemnity letter to send to assignees when renting accommodation.

Localisation Template Letter - Accelerated transition

For assignees who will be localising following their assignment with immediate cessation of their assignment benefits

Localisation Proposal template

A proposal document for the business to use for an assignee who will be localising following their assignment with immediate cessation of their assignment benefits

Localisation Template Letter - Phasedown transition

For assignees who will be localising following their assignment with a phasedown of their assignment benefits

Localisation Phasedown Approach Proposal Template

A proposal document for the business to use for an assignee who will be localising following their assignment with a phasedown of their assignment benefits

Templates - Policies

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So, it is time to draft or revisit your policies. Now where to start?! Should the assignee receive a per diem or a relocation allowance? Should the home or host country employ them? Which country should process the payroll? Lots of policy options to consider, right? So it can be tough knowing where to start, but it doesn’t need to be going forward. Use the templates and guidance notes below to help you design global mobility policies which tie in with your talent agenda.

Remote working guidelines - template

This template can be used for employees changing work location to another country.

Domestic Relocation Policy Template

This template can be used for employees moving domestically with the UK and Germany, simply adapt the content to meet your organisational needs.

Domestic Relocation Expenses Guidelines – Template

This Domestic Relocation Expenses Guidelines template can be adapted to meet your policy and is a quick reference guide for your employees who are moving domestically with the UK and Germany.

Short Term Assignment Policy – Template

Need a policy for assignments lasting between 3-12 months, then this template is for you. Simply refer to the guidance notes below and you can create a Short Term Assignment Policy that is suitable for your business in no time at all.

Short Term Assignment Policy - Guidance Note

Use these handy guidance notes to personalise the Short Term Assignment Policy template to suit your business needs.

Short Term Assignment Policy - Paragraph Variations

This document contains a variety of paragraphs to tailor the Short Term Assignment Policy Template to suit your organisation.

Long Term Assignment Policy – Template

Use this template for employees who will be on assignment for 2-5 years. Ideal for those that are looking for an off the shelf tax equalised policy. Remember to refer to the Long Term Assignment Policy Guidance Notes when completing this template.

Long Term Assignment Policy - Guidance Notes

Refer to these notes to assist you in producing a Long Term Assignment Policy that is the right fit for your company.

Long Term Assignment Policy - Paragraph Variations

This document contains a variety of paragraphs that you can add to or use as alternatives to those in the Long Term Policy Template.

Permanent Transfer Policy – Template

A concise and easy to use policy template if you are transferring employees on local host terms and conditions and want to provide relocation support only. Use in conjunction with the Permanent Transfer Policy Guidance notes.

Permanent Transfer Policy - Guidance Notes

Use these guidance notes to personalise the Permanent Transfer Policy template to save you time and tailor the policy to suit your business needs.

Expat Lite Policy – Template

Need a policy for short term assignments that has a reduced benefits structure? Then simply download this template and edit it to suit your business needs. Remember to check out the Paragraph Variations below!

Expat Lite Policy - Guidance Notes

Use these guidance notes to personalise the Expat Lite Policy template to tailor the policy to suit your business needs and save you precious time!

Expat Lite Policy - Paragraph Variations

If our Expat Lite Policy Template needs a little tweak to make it just right for your organisation check out these paragraph variations to see if you can find the perfect fit!

Commuter Policy – Template

This template is great for employees who work in a foreign country and return frequently. Simply download and amend to suit your organisational needs.

Inter-Company Agreement

This document is to be used as a template when a formal agreement is required between the home and host country Companies in order for international assignment costs borne in the home location to be charged back to the host location for Corporate Tax compliance purposes.

Please fill in/replace the fields in BLUE with your home or host information.

Rotator Assignment Policy

The Rotator Assignment Policy template is for you to adapt and use for all employees who regularly rotate between the home and host country.

Templates - RFPs

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Use the following tools to ensure best practice is followed, all relevant information captured and appropriate analysis completed allowing you to make an informed decision within budget.

Generic Tax Services RFP Comparison Matrix

Need to find a new vendor to manage your tax services. No problem! Just follow this time saving, information capturing comparison matrix.

Templates - Surveys

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Valuable tools to help you manage the individual needs of each person you are moving, build relationships with the business and free up your time to be proactive and add value.

Post-Arrival in Host Location Survey

Want to get feedback from your assignees on the relocation-process? Adapt this survey template to meet your business requirements.

Post-Repatriation Survey

Want to get feedback from your assignees following their repatriation? Adapt this survey template to meet your business requirements.

Templates - Talent

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If you want to tie your global mobility strategy into your talent agenda and want to escalate your global mobility function into a more strategic place in your organisation, find useful hints, tips and tools here.

Matching Your Talent Pool and Global Mobility Policy

An introductory presentation on policy stratification to meet Talent objectives.

Global Mobility Governance - Generic Authorisation Form

The Expat Academy best practice tool to adapt, and roll out to your business to ensure you are sending the right people on assignment every time. Includes detailed guidance notes for implementation.

Templates - Tax

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Foreign Tax Loan Agreement

A one pager for you to use when loaning your short term assignees or commuters cash to cover their foreign income tax bill until such a time a tax refund is received. Get them to agree to using your designated tax provider in writing.

Toolkit - Glossaries

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It may sometimes seem that when working in Global Mobility we are speaking a different language. These glossaries will break it down for you to help you understand basic and complex industry terms. Each glossary focuses on a specific area so you can find what you are looking for quickly.


Glossary of Compensation Terms

This glossary will help you decipher all the various terms used to describe an expatriate’s pay.

Glossary of Global Mobility Terms

This glossary provides definitions of the most common global mobility assignment types.

Glossary of Practical Tax and Payroll Terms

This glossary explains what a shadow payroll is, why some countries make a month 13 payment and much more…

Glossary of Relocation Terms

This glossary will be useful when writing or reviewing your relocation policy. Use it to understand what is typically provided when moving employees overseas.

Glossary of Tax Terms

This glossary contains all of the keywords and concepts you need to understand when talking to your tax advisors!

Toolkit - Checklists

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Top Tips for Managing Mental Health Issues from a Legal Perspective

Annabel Mace, Squire Patton Boggs has produced this useful insight of the most important things to consider when looking at mental health policy.

Expatriation Management Assignment Checklist

This essential checklist guides you through all the necessary logistics and paperwork which need to be organised when sending an employee to work overseas. Never forget a step again!

Repatriation Management Assignment Checklist

A handy checklist to guide you through all the necessary logistics required when employees return home.

Global Mobility Policy Checklist

This checklist provides an overview of what should be included in all mobility policies.

Long Term Assignment Policy Checklist

Want to know what you should include in a Long Term Assignment Policy? Then this checklist is perfect!

Short Term Assignment Policy Checklist

Reviewing your Short Term Assignment Policy and want to know what you should include? Check out this checklist to get you started!

International Removals Checklist

Our Training Partner Bournes have devised this useful checklist for assignees going on international assignment.

Exploring New Locations Questionnaire

This questionnaire covers the key areas you may need to review when going to a new location. This may be an “emerging location” or just a location that is new to your organisation.

Assignee Checklist

This document is intended to provide you with a checklist that you may use to assist you with your relocation. Please note that not all the points may be relevant to your individual situation.

New Location Risk Assessment Checklist

A comprehensive checklist for you to walk through all the potential risks of moving people into a new location for the first time.

Toolkits - Guides

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Five Pitfalls to Avoid when Planning your next Relocation RFP

If you’re responsible for managing a bid for relocation services, you probably know the basic steps: develop a questionnaire, send it out, score the results, and schedule a site visit for top contenders. But if you want to ensure that your RFP process, and your ultimate relocation contract, really meets company objectives, a few key steps can save you time and money. In this article Five Pitfalls to Avoid when Planning your next Relocation RFP Cartus takes a look at five of the most common pitfalls in planning an RFP from the perspective of experts at companies who have managed many bids. If after reading this, you would like more information on managing a successful relocation bid please email

Relocation Best Practices for Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions

In an ever-changing global business environment, many companies are involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a means to further expand their organizations. There are many critical elements to an M&A, and considering how to handle the migration of your expatriate population is one critical piece. In this Mobility Insights paper, Cartus discusses:
• Why mergers and acquisitions can be a challenge,
• Relocation's place in a merger,
• Best practices - both pre- and post-acquisition announcement - for relocation managers to consider,
• The importance of successful cultural integration to an M&A.

Bournes Employee Guide: Relocating to London

Moving to a new city can be daunting and this guide aims to provide you or your relocating employee with a brief overview of some of the key information that's most useful when first arriving in the city, like:

- Set up the practicalities of your new home
- Make new friends and have fun
- Start enjoying your new life in London!

Bournes Guidelines for a Successful Move Management Tender

Find out how to ask the right questions, determine what information to give potential suppliers in terms of background, historical information and scope. Whilst learning how to understand how to interpret the responses in areas including
- Company characteristics
- Process characteristics
- Costs

Bournes - How to choose an International Removal Company

In 5 simple steps, this eBook helps you to find and book your ideal international removal company.

If you're struggling to find an international removal company that suits your needs, this eBook will help answer your questions:

- How do I get the most for my money?
- How can I cut the costs of moving overseas?
- Could I avoid handing my worldly possessions over to rogue movers?

This 5 step guide helps you to find and book an international removal company, taking you through the overall process. From deciding what kind of international removal company you want, to booking it, and paying for your move... this eBook covers it all. Download our guide to discover how to:

- Find potential international removal companies
- Select your shortlist
- Arrange home surveys and removal quotes
- Compare your removal quotes
- Book and pay for your overseas move

PwC Travel Security - Mark Wolsey

Ensuring the security around your travel management programme is ready to meet today’s challenges.

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