Global Mobility’s #MeToo Moment

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Global Mobility professionals don’t often get a chance to change the world.  But in tExpat Academy Global Mobility’s #MeToo Moment  he area of diversity and inclusion, they are in a great position to make a real difference. Statistics are hard to find – possibly because they reveal an uncomfortable truth: an assignment is for white men.

25% of assignees are women according to PwC’s best estimate; and we can only guess at the proportion of non-white, LGBTQ or assignees with disabilities.

If Global Mobility can ensure that assignee populations represent the natural blend of any society, not only will the business be technically compliant and morally right, but research shows it will have a positive financial impact too.  Organisations that allow their internationally mobile population to remain ‘male, pale and stale’ will be stuck in the dark ages and will continue to struggle with talent shortages and increasingly tough markets. When finance, morality and compliance coincide we must take action.

Learnlight have produced an important new eBook on this subject: Global Mobility in the Age of Diversity.

Click here to download it.

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