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Expat Academy Expat Academy Benchmarking

Ever had a quick query you just need to run past someone? Or have a new policy element you’re thinking about introducing and need to just get a feel of what others in the market are doing?

That’s what our benchmarking service is for. We send out your question to our members who share their policy or approach, we collate all the feedback, consolidate responses and distribute answers anonymously. We have been really busy since the start of the year addressing questions such as:-

Question:  Under our short-term policy (1-12 months in duration), we give 30 kilos of excess baggage.  What do you do for assignees that go on a second assignment consecutively? (i.e. 6-month assignments back to back). Do you increase the baggage allowance for the second assignment?

Question: We are looking into business travellers/short-term assignment conditions of our APAC population specifically when travelling within the same region. Within Europe, our employees travel as Commuters i.e. Mon – Thurs/Fri and back at weekends which can be for a year or more for some projects.  They receive per diems and hotel accommodation.
How do other companies manage these types of moves within the APAC region? e.g. Singapore to Hong Kong, Manila to Thailand, Singapore to Vietnam etc.
• Do you treat these moves as Commuters/extended business trips or an STA approach?
• Is your approach determined by length of assignment, distance/travel time/other?
• What conditions do you offer employees on the following move type:
– Commuter/ Extended business trip e.g. per diems?
– STA e.g. STA allowance (if so what calculation do you use?), COLA, per diems, flight allowance?

Question:  I would like to understand from the network if any of those sending assignees / business travellers to France are undertaking the requirement to electronically register their employees via “SIPSI” – the online declaration portal to notify the French authorities of who is entering France for work purposes.  We have only recently been made aware of this requirement, even though I understand that the obligation has existed since 2016.

Question: There is a water crisis in Cape Town and there is the possibility that water supplies could be shut off on 12 April 2018 (Day Zero) if the situation does not improve. Is anyone being impacted by this and if so, have you already started providing any additional help to expats in Cape Town? If yes, what kind of things are you doing? Rest and recuperation trips out? Additional allowances to purchase extra water?

These are just a flavour of the questions recently asked. All responses are added to the ‘Consolidated book of roundtable e-mails and surveys’ document on the Vault.

For any of your own queries please email benchmarking@expat-academy.com

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