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Class Descriptions

Stretch & Get Set – Basic Yoga
This session will comprise of yogic breathing, asanas (physical poses to promote improved control of the mind and body), and relaxation exercises. It will be a combination of basic practices from hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga; an excellent way to prepare for the weekend ahead!  Please bring a mat or towel to this session.

Pre-Race Prep & Stretch
Fine tune your pre-race energy levels with some targeted movement, stretching and breath work.  In this session we will free the body up by releasing any tension from the key joints and muscles, practice a few breathing techniques for energy efficiency and ease, and work on some movements to really hone your focus for the race ahead.

Please bring a mat or towel to this session if possible.

Race-Ready Stretch
This session will focus on basic and deep stretches for the key muscle groups – quads, hamstrings, calves, back, waist and shoulders – making sure you are limbered up and race-ready!

Drop-in Stretch ~ Sunday 8am – 12.30/1pm 

Drop-in anytime and join the guided stretch session to help get you through your last laps, or as your final warm down.  Instructors will be repeating a 30 minute series of exercises designed to release all the muscles which have worked so hard to get you round the course, and aid your recovery with some long-held stretches, restorative twists and some take home tools for rest and relaxation.

Additional instructors will be on- hand to offer help and deeper stretches for muscles that need extra attention. Be sure to pop-in and stay as long as you need so that you can skip down the stairs on Monday morning!