Mizuno Endure24 event schedule Leeds

Friday 29th June

10.00       Campsite opens (please read the camping and site rules carefully).

11.00       Registration opens in the race village

11.00       Route open for walk through

11.30       Catering and Bar open in the race village

16.00       Yoga & Stretch starts in the Mizuno Marquee

19.00       Registration closes until Saturday morning

19.00       Mizuno pre-race party with Ludo the DJ in the Mizuno Marquee

19.30       Mini Endure kid’s race, meet at the start/finish line (It’s free, register on the website)

22.00      Catering closes, bar will close around 10.30pm

23.00     Entertainment in the Mizuno Marquee stops (time to get some sleep)

Saturday 30th June

07.30       Catering opens (and remains open until Sunday 2.00pm).

07.30       Registration opens in the Race Village

09.00       Yoga & Stretch starts in the Mizuno Marquee

11.30       Registration closes

11.45       Call to the start & race briefing

12.00       Racestart

20.00       Head/hand/chest torches to be carried by allrunners 

Sunday 1st July

06.00      Runners may stop using head torches

10.30      Stretch & Recover starts in the Mizuno Marquee

11.59      Warnings regarding last lap are issued, runners may start a final lap and these will count in your results

12.00     Course closed at the finish line

13.00     Final runners cross the finish line

13.30     Awards in the race village

18.00     Campsite closes 

Event facilities

  1. Main catering and support  (Mizuno) marquee – catering/massage/shelter
  2. Catering – catering opens Friday lunch time until late, then throughout the race from Saturday morning, overnight until Sunday afternoon.
  3. Massage – remains open 24 hours from Saturday morning.
  4. Drinking water supply.
  5. Toilets – Serviced toilets are available in the race village, exchange area and solo camping area.
  6. Showers – Please note they are limited – we would have more but water supplies are limited.
  7. Waste disposal – is in the service area (IMPORTANT – do not put hot ashes from BBQs in these bins). There will be separate small metal bins for this.
  8. First aid – Will be based close to the start and finish and around the half way mark on the route.