Mizuno Endure24 Relay Teams


The vast majority of runners at Endure24 are teams of between 3 and 8 runners, the most popular category is mixed teams of 6-8 runners. How you organise your team is entirely up to you, there are only a few rules:

  • Each person in the team has to cover at least one lap.
  • There should only be one person from your team on the route at any time.
  • Its fine for the whole team to take a break and resume running when you want to.

We suggest that teams nominate a captain to organise the running rota, wake people up (it’s not unusual for people to miss their lap and leave a stranded team mate in the exchange area), and keep everyone motivated.

How seriously you take it is up to you, there will be some teams who set out to win and these teams may well cover in excess of 200 miles. Other teams will have their own personal goals, a distance, supporting a good cause or possibly just for a fun weekend running and camping with friends. If you want to dress up and lots of teams do, that’s great!